Friday, 1 April 2016

ASTRONOMICALLY FUN SCIENCE THEME          Written by: Teacher Siti Sarah Hasbullah               

31 March 2016

R1 Students blasted off to outer space to explore astronomy in this week’s (Week 13) Astronomy Science Theme. Using a combination of demonstrations, storytelling, and art project students are invited to observe the differences between day sky and night sky, learned about celestial objects like stars, moon and sun, and also identified planets in the solar system.

They had a fun time pinpointing the names and parts of rockets besides getting to know their respective function (e.g. window: to see stars outside; exhaust: for fire and smoke to go out; etc.). An equally exciting time continued when they were designing their own ‘Toilet Roll Rocket’ using arts and craft items like toilet paper tube, construction papers, aluminium foil, scissors, glue, crepe papers and stickers. The decorations for this art project were purposely made in different 2D shapes which they've learned before during their maths lesson.

All in all, it had been cosmic fun to learn about the outer space. Students not only reviewed their mathematics lesson, but also improved upon their vocabularies and practice their fine motor skills. Till we launch to other exciting learning adventures, this is Space Commander Sarah signing off.

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